After engaging our showroom consultant during your visit to the showroom or a phone call, we will arrange an in-home or over the phone appointment with our kitchen designer. During the consultation, the designer asks several questions relating to your lifestyle, needs, requirements, budget and preferences about your new kitchen or project. By leveraging this information, they provide you with professional advice on the various options you are open to regarding components, materials, fittings, finishes and styles.

Once we have extracted the above information, with a clear scope of the works required, we are able to come up with an estimation of your project.  During this stage, we try to provide you with a rough breakdown of your costs so that you know what to expect and so that there is full transparency.

Based off the information provided and your scope of works, and once we have discussed your pricing estimate with you, we can then work on design renders to provide you a conceptual view of your kitchen or bathroom, laundry etc.  With a breadth of experience amongst our team, we are able to make suggestions to you on the most ideal design layouts, colours, materials and accessories.

Once we have completed our design renders, we invite you into our showroom for a presentation where we take you through our conceptual designs.  During this presentation, we can make live changes based on your input.  We invite you to be as critical as possible.

Once you are happy with your designs, we then lock in dates for measure and installation.  Our measure phase involves a detailed measure of your space, followed by draft plans drawn up, and then a client sign off is organized.  During the client sign off, we go through every detail of the kitchen or joinery area and discuss the finer details of your final design.

From sign off, we move onto production.  All of our manufacturing is completed in house at our manufacturing site at 67 Watt Road, Mornington.  Our team builds your kitchen / joinery and before it is dismantled and sent next door for 2pack painting, we often invite you to view your kitchen or send you a detailed video and photos.

We coordinate all of your trades for all aspects of your project.  This includes flooring, painting, electrical, plumbing, plastering.  We send you a schedule of works, and we are always available to discuss any aspect of your project.

Once your project is nearing it’s end, we complete a walk through with you to ensure you are happy with the works completed.